Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Diversity Means

Each year the school has an optional Reflections project the kids can participate in.  Lila wanted to participate in this year's Reflections, themed "Diversity Means."  She originally wanted to, after attending the school assembly, write a song.  I was not quite up for that task and when she mentioned a sculpture I jumped on the bandwagon.  She chose the content with just a little help explaining what diversity does mean.  She also chose to make the rainbow which I found quite fitting.  She made each of the little people on her own and even wanted to make a person in a wheelchair.  Smart girl. The project is due on October 26th and then it will be some time until the winners are announced.  For now, for your viewing pleasure...

Diversity Means

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Timbra said...

super creative and fun! what a great project.