Saturday, October 8, 2011

Children's Museum

My friend Julia and I were planning a play date for our littlest ones when she remembered she had some 2 for $5 coupons to the Gateway Children's Museum.  Can't beat that with a stick, so we headed down!
Clarissa loved the balls so much that it took quite a bit of convincing to move on to other areas of the museum.

Kai & Clarissa

Finally on to the building area.  It was easier to convince her to leave this area because, unlike the ball area, you can see the other fun things to do from here.

And on to the play house!

Water play

Farm area

And OH! the grocery store.  Let me just say that even after several time warnings (time to leave in 15 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes) I went away from the grocery store with scratch marks all over my legs and one screaming toddler under my arm.  She LOVED the grocery store.  I guess we'll be going back again soon.

As she started to pile up her groceries for the check out I noticed something...
Let's see.  Cow's milk, check.  Cheese, check.  Pineapple, check.  All things she cannot eat.  Even funnier... Corn, check.  Corn oil, check. Beef, check.  All things Airi cannot eat.  Good thing she wasn't shopping for herself and her buddy Airi!  They would have been stuck eating that fish under the cow's milk!

 After telling her she MUST go potty (noticed potty stance) she stopped at the cars for a brief moment before heading back to the store.

 If you're wondering what on earth is all over her face, it's face paint.  She decided at breakfast she wanted her face painted.  She is the ocean.  Waves above her eyebrow and fish and sea stars on her cheeks.  We did this at home before we went out for the day.  

 This bin above the shelf read: Store in Break Room NOT on Shelf in Market.
 Looks as though someone may have gotten an ear full later that day...
 About five minutes after leaving the museum!  And she even made the transfer from Julia's car to ours!

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Timbra said...

i'm sorry, i kind of hate this place. . .it looks a lot less busy this time, than the last time we went together, but. . .clawing, screaming tots at the end. . . well. . . that's pretty much the story every time at this place right?!