Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Family, Big Love

After Mama Tutu's memorial service the whole family headed to the Tutu's house.

Corinna and Great Aunt Lupe
I've had many meals at this table with family.
Brooke and her friend Meghan in the kitchen where I learned to make homemade flour tortillas.
Cousins Riley & Clarissa

Great Aunt Lupe
Melissa is a wonderful musician!

Papa Tutu

My Dad and three of his uncles.

Melissa and Clarissa.  Say that five times fast!

Amanda and one of the twins.

Corinna and Clarissa

Papa Tutu and Amanda.  No goofing off at the table!  Actually my favorite story from my Mom about the Tutu's was the first time she had dinner with her not yet in-laws they ended up in a food fight at the table!  That ought to tell you something. 
Great Uncle John
Great Uncles, John and Ray Sr.

Gabriela or Genevieve?

Aunt Zenita
When you look around the Tutu's house every wall and every surface is full of pictures of the family.  Here sit Aunt Lisa and I.

Melinda, Christopher, his girlfriend and Aunt Dolores.
Laura & Lupe
Silly Melissa in sweats and a beanie.  It's September in Florida, dear.
Brooke.  No, she's not smelly!

Playing outside
Moretz Family

Uncle Robert.  Uncle Robert is not technically my Uncle.  He is my Uncle's twin.  But, all growing up Uncle Robert, Aunt Janie, and cousins Cynthia and Jason were my family just like everyone else!

Three Bockstrucks.  Justin and Micah were unable to come.

Gaitanis Crew

My cousin David and his wife Melinda

Silly Sisters


Uncle Robert, Jonathan, Uncle James and Uncle Tom
Melissa and Lila both have panda earrings.

Three girls being trees

Greg's new baby, Paxton
Lava girl and Ice girl.

 Lava girl was giving everyone light.

 Family Tree

It really did the heart good to be there.  I love my family!

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Timbra said...

sad about the circumstances, but funerals are often times of family reunion, remembrance, and sudden reasons you didn't plan on, to come together and make NEW memories. . .glad it was all a time of healing and even enjoyment amidst sadness