Monday, October 3, 2011

Going & Coming

Heading to the airport early Sunday morning.  The toenail moon was out above the mountains.
 Ready to board our plane for Dallas, and then on to Florida.

 After two long planes and an even longer layover in Dallas, we arrived in Florida and headed to get some food with my Dad and Laura.  
 An equally beautiful sunrise on the morning ride back to the Jacksonville airport.  
 We arrived early and hung out with my Dad in the airport for a while before going through security.

Traveling with just one child was very easy.  Clarissa was very good and both trips were relatively uneventful.  

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Timbra said...

oddly, someone else who lives in FL posted a photo on the same day of this sliver moon, a blog i follow. . .weird! i know it was just good to be in the "rest" of being with your dad and laura, after flights and dealing with the loss of your gma so far away. . . .