Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walkin' Around the Block

Who doesn't wear a unicorn costume to go for a walk?
 A failed attempt to bring the cat along.

 We found this leaf and the girls both wanted it the whole way around the block.  They had to take turns holding it to keep tears at bay.

 Clarissa kept sitting down.  It was a long walk around the block.

 The sky was tinged pink and peach.  Very beautiful.

 Another rest.

 "Take a picture Mom!  It'll look like I'm going to eat it!"
 And, of course, monkey see monkey do.
 This walking is rough stuff.  Another sit down.
 Ditched the costume "Here Mom."  And yet another break.

I love walking with this crew.  They always make it fun!

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Timbra said...

okay, leaf tradesies is killing me, it's not until you go back a second time and speed through the photos to get to the comment section that you see the leaf with one girl then the other and back and forth. . .PS, yeah, i ALWAYS wear a unicorn costume when i got out, okay, i don't, but i think i'm gonna start!