Friday, January 13, 2012

We went to Jupiter!

Jupiter, Florida that is!  After we spent the night in Dunnellon we headed to Jupiter to see Katie, Chris, Mia and the not yet arrived baby!

When we first arrived Katie was putting Mia down for a nap and Chris was at work, so we entertained ourselves a bit.  Lila has missed Rocko so much that she really doted on Chris and Katie's dog, also named Rocco!

Clarissa playing computer.
Jeff found candy!

Yay!  Aunt Katie!

And her belly!

Katie had started to have some contractions earlier in the day that began increasing in strength and frequency while we were there for dinner!  

Chris hunts alligators.  Here are a couple of his skins from last season.  Very cool!

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed!

Off for a walk to enjoy the end of the day and help those contractions work their magic!  Katie's due date was about five days before this.

More monkey jumping.  Mia got this bounce house for Christmas.  The girls had a blast in it!

Mia's unlce Matt came by to say hi.

 Sweet cousins

 Present time!

 The turkey and veggies I made for Mia

 Big sister book

 Gloves for Kurtis

 Mia got a scooter from Gramma and Grampa

 A new sweater for Dodo

 After dinner Katie's contractions were getting stronger so we all headed to the hotel to await the arrival of our newest family member!

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Timbra said...

you guys were having a presentpalooza. . . everywhere you go. .. more stuff to unwrap! every time people came to see you. . .more stuff to unwrap :) those girls are doing a lot of bouncing about. . . beds, bounce houses . . . :)hey, my word verification is "barking". . rocco