Friday, January 6, 2012

Landslide Photography

It's nice to have a bestie that is a photographer and gives you a photo session for your birthday!  Thank you Timbra!  I love all the photos and so did my family!
Check out Timbra's website:  Landslide Photography


Aunt Patty said...

These family pictures tell the story of a Wonderful Family who live in the state of Utah. They love being together and spend their free time making each other happy. They smile, they hug, they explore and they are a beautiful example of what an All American family can be. Introducing---The Yeoman/Surber family

Timbra said...

what a lovely family, you must have a REALLY cool friend :) these are so funny here in the middle of Christmas, but i know you didn't want to post them before that. . . glad you loved the pix, they look all warm and sunshiny and i want summer back already