Monday, January 2, 2012

Flying Fun?

Flying is never a favorite, but this year's traveling was about as good as it gets.  Considering my middle of the night emergency room trip before flying last year, this year was cake.  Not only was everyone well, but the kids got along relatively well and even Jeff was in a fine mood.

 Of course they offer juice and water on a plane, so I spend half the plane ride going back and forth to the impossibly small toilets with the girls.  Other than that, flights were uneventful.  

When we got to Florida there was a lizard on Kurtis' bed.  We caught him and put him out (the lizard, not Kurtis) then when Kurtis pulled back the sheets to get in bed he found another lizard!  They must have liked that bed!

Happy to be in Florida and with the grandparents the kids stayed up very late, but we all went to bed happy!

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Timbra said...

wow, adventures RIGHT off the tarmac huh? glad flying wasn't a nightmare. . . my next trip is to IN, my girls are generally a piece of cake, so i hope they live up to their reputations