Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well, we got a new dog.  We weren't really planning to yet, but this is what happens when you *just check* the classifieds.  There was a man in Sandy looking for a home for this puppy because he was too allergic.  So, we went to see him.  He is a nearly four month old Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador mix.  He is wonderful and sweet and so soft and cuddly.  We brought him home last night and named him Ozzy.

 Quickly picking up because Ozzy was playing with everything!

 He really likes tug-o-war.

Today we took him on a walk.  

 I guess we wore him out because he slept a lot this afternoon!

I'm already smitten!  


Rachel Ellis said...

I wanna puppy!

Seriously cute!

Timbra said...

yep, he's already grown for SURE. . .he's so super cute and of course it's so obvious that he's well loved. . .good job on "just going to look" at him :)