Monday, January 30, 2012

Riding Down Memory Lane

Going back to Snowbird with the kids is always such a mix of emotions and memories.  I spent six years of my life working and riding there and now I only visit when the kids are snowboarding.  I'd love to go ride too, but a day with put you back nearly $80!  So, I watch and enjoy that they love it.  Kurtis has a season pass this year and is loving it!  Lila is really beginning to love snowboarding and is even going over jumps!

Last Friday Jeff took Lila and Kurtis up early and Clarissa and I met up with them mid-day.  Clarissa loves the snow so much.  We haven't had much in the valley this year, so it was hard to get her past the snow in the parking lot!

Finally to the slope.  Here comes big sister down Chickadee!  Lila can ride on her own on the flatter, upper part of this slope, but the bottom half is steeper and requires a little help from Dad.

Kurtis came down to the tram deck to meet up with us and have a snack.

Clarissa was itching for a turn on the snowboard.  Here she goes with Jeff and Lila up the magic carpet.  I asked her later what her favorite part was and she answered, "The magic carpet!"

That didn't last too long.  She'd rather eat snow!

Snow angel
This is Chickadee bowl.  A very flat and short slope for beginners.  Lila bombs straight down this hill.  It is way too easy for her this year.

 Lila and Jeff on the lift.  Ahh, the memories of my Dad and I riding chair lifts together!  I'm so glad my kids will have these same wonderful memories!

What great times!  I think I need to start searching for a discount ticket so I can go at least once this year!  I'm sure Kurtis will kick my butt!  

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Timbra said...

fun times. . . i don't love snow or boarding or skiing, but all those fun memories being made seem fabulous for your family!