Sunday, January 8, 2012


YAY!  The arrival of Grampa Mike and Gramma Laura!

Grampa is so silly!

One of my favorites!

Time for a walk.  The guys talk about the bike my Dad was hauling home from Dunnellon.

Clarissa spotted a worm in the gutter.

A beautiful Christmas Day!

Lila sliding on a towel to dry off the morning rain.

Grampa Paul teaches Lila to throw.  Gather up those pine cones!

Back at the house Dodo puts the finishing touches on the table.

More tomfoolery!

Grampa Paul carves the turkey.
Good gravy!
Pin the nose on the reindeer.

Time to eat!  A beautiful center piece from Great-Grandma Hamilton.

Present time!  Present time!  Open the present and see what's inside!

Glitter Glue


 A new book
 How to Train your Dragon!
 Barbie clothes
 Game for her DS

 Choot Em! Hoodie (from the TV show Swamp People)

 Board game
 Home made ornaments from the girls


 The aftermath.
Then it was time for pie!  Thanks to all the parents for the good food, good company and fun gifts!

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Timbra said...

lovely lovely outdoor days there! jealous!!!! always fun to see family