Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cookie Party!

The Wiist girls know how to throw a party.  Their annual cookie party is no exception!  

 Melissa & Xavian

 Meghan and her babes
 Sweet Jameson
 Leah & Melissa showed up wearing the same outfit!
 Laurel and Madeline

 Natasha rocking a killer skull apron!
 Little helper
 Silly friends

Bring on the frosting!

 Lila got a bonk and was crying when Clarissa also started crying.  What can you do but laugh?
 Heidi and Raquel

 mmm Sprinkles

 You know it's a wild cookie party when you have sprinkles in your eyelashes!

As always, it was good and delicious fun!  Mmmm

1 comment:

Timbra said...

we love our parties. . .always good times . . . next year we might be doing a late night party, since so many of al's friends will be in school and it was tricky doing the party the week of Christmas due to Christmas break scheduling. . .but i look forward to seeing this change and morph over the years as we move from toddlers to school aged girls to teenagers who make cookies at midnight. . . i love creating traditions with my beloved friends (PS, you're the only one who's been to ALL. . .so it's a real tradition for us!)