Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in Utah

Ho Ho Ho

Princess crown necklace & jewelry boxes for both girls from Gramma Lois.
Clarissa wearing hers.
I made, with help from the girls, a neck pillow for Kurtis.

Skirt from big brother.  Clarissa held it up and yelled "I always wanted one of these!" and then hugged the skirt!

Snow globe (that she picked out at the dollar store) from little sister.

Stickers from Gramma Lois
Opening one of the dresses that I made.

$$ from Gramma Lois $$

Lila opens her matching dress.
Handmade with love

Wigs and dress up clothes for both girls from Gramma Lois.

Dress from big brother.
Snowboard bindings from Grampa Mike & Gramma Laura.

Earrings from Gramma Lois.

Clarissa picked out magnets at the dollar store for Jeff.  It was very cute.

A new skateboard for Clarissa from us.
Lila opening her ice skates from us.

Another dress I made.


We got Kurtis a snowboard.  We waited until everything was opened and I told the girls I'd go get their dolls so they could try the dresses I made for them.  When I came up from the basement I brought this.  Don't tell I told, but Kurtis got a little misty!

Matching doll dresses!

Some of the dress up from Gramma Lois.

Trying on her skates

Game for Kurtis from Lila & Clarissa.

Another dollar store purchase.  Paddle ball (that was broken the same day) from Lila.

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts!  Our Christmas was really wonderful!  


Timbra said...

looks like the kids got lots of fun stuff. . .the wigs are a crack up. . the dressed adorable. . . i need some captions so i know what EVERY gift is :)

Timbra said...

thanks for the captions so i know what's going on :)