Sunday, January 8, 2012

Barbies, Beach, Barbies

The day after Christmas I had one plan: PLAY!  So, we got up and played with the girls new loot: Barbies!

Press on nails.

Then board games.
Then, to the beach!

It was a cooler day and a bit windy, but the kids didn't mind at all!

Clarissa loved being buried.  We buried her over and over again!

Notice the locals in the background wearing scarves and gloves!

Kurtis dug a BIG hole.

He made it big enough that he fit inside, unfortunately I had taken Clarissa up to get cleaned up and missed the photo!

Silly goose!

Back to Gramma and Grampa's!
More Barbies!

We made surf boards for the Barbies.

More press on nails.

The perfect day!

1 comment:

Timbra said...

looks like you're having more fun than those girls, playing barbies. . . just got the girls press on nails at rite aid, for 50c (half off the "stocking stuffers") they lasted 12 seconds for airi :) people in scarves on the beach KILLING ME. ..