Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dunnellon, Florida

Tuesday morning my Dad drove down from Savannah and met us in Ponte Vedra and we all drove down to Dunnellon together to visit my side of the family.  Dolores and Tommy were very proud of a present (that I now realize we accidentally left in Dunnellon!) they got for Jeff.

Yes, that is an angel in her birthday suit!
Lila and Clarissa had a blast with Riley, my cousin Greg's daughter who just three months younger than Clarissa.

Paxton, Greg and Toni's newest addition!  Sweet baby!

Proud Gramma, my Aunt Dolores.

Lila, Papa Tutu, and my Dad.
Uncle Tom brushes his hair, you know he's going somewhere fancy!  Unfortunately that place was a funeral.
Tom and Dolores live on a lot of land.  Lots of fun for running around on!

Riley taught Clarissa how to climb a tree!

Lila LOVED this jeep!  She was good at driving it too!

Look out!  Clarissa is behind the wheel!

Greg's lovely wife, Toni with Paxton.
Look out world!

Driving while applying make up.  Oh my!

Riley who never spent more than a few minutes in the jeep was loving riding along with her big cousin!

Triple trouble!

And then she figured out she could stand and drive at the same time!

Then she figured out how to not only stand and drive, but stand and drive with NO HANDS!  Yes, they are in motion!

Hey, look!  I was there too!
Time for a walk.  Kurtis pulled the little girls in the wagon.
Lila drove.

Uh oh!  Talking and driving!  Good thing we weren't in California!
Jeff, Aunt Dolores, Dad
Hmmm, they barely fit.

Jeff found cactus and we thought that was pretty funny.  Evidently a lot of cactus grows in Dunnellon.

There was a dead, but still twitching, snake in the road.  The girls were all fascinated by it.

Jeff took Uncle Tom's Harley for a ride.

The girls took turns holding Paxton before he had to go home.

Riley stayed the night with us and the girls had more fun playing until bedtime and then again in the morning before we headed to Jupiter for more visiting.


Timbra said...

looks like lots of fun :) that jeep is totally rad :)

Rachel Ellis said...

That's a coral snake!

"Red on yellow, kill a fellow; "Red on black, friend of Jack"

Good thing it was dead.

Rachel Ellis said...

Oh and snakes still have reflexes and are still venomous after death...shudder. I hate snakes.

Fun trip though!