Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Filling

Clarissa had her first cavity.  This surprised me very much because the girl loves to brush her teeth and does so about four times a day, sometimes more.  Granted, she's only three, but I was still surprised.  She handled the filling better than I expected and the dentist even said she should be the poster child for fillings.  She didn't even notice when she got the shot and sat perfectly still and followed directions through the whole thing.  She was a bit tired after and semi confused about the numb face, but took a short nap and was just fine afterward.

Right after
 Silver, just like Mommy...

 Her prize from the prize box: lipstick

Sweet girl.  I'm doing a lot more brushing for her every day because even though she did well, I hope not to repeat this any time soon!

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Timbra said...

icky, but wow. . she's fabulous and dealt with it like a champ! maybe she could give Airi a few lessons!