Sunday, January 15, 2012

Funny Bugs

Clarissa and Lila got Little Gym classes for Christmas from my mom and Jeff's parents.  They were both so excited to start their new classes!  Clarissa would be in Funny Bugs, her first child only (no parents in class)  class and was very excited about it.  My friend Meghan also put her son Jamison in the same class, so we each have a buddy to hang with during class!

Clarissa and Jamison waiting to go into their first class.

Hopping like bunnies.

Clarissa had the biggest grin all through class!

Jamison's little sister, Raquel.


She had a blast!  Glad to be back in gym!

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Timbra said...

If you can stand to not stand there with your camera focused on your baby.. . you might get something done with NO children in tow!!!! but, then you'd miss hanging out with meghan, i'm sure. . . glad you both have buddies. . . but poor raquel will soon need a friend :)