Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wearing My Babies

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Nothing is more disturbing to me than seeing a mother carrying her baby around in a car seat. Or seeing a mom walk with her baby in the stroller while her baby cries the whole time to be held. Babies need to be held. They need skin to skin contact. Babies don't want you to hold them to manipulate you. They won't want you to hold them forever, I know! They need to be held. I can't say that enough. Babies NEED to be held! So, take your baby out of the stroller, the car seat, the exersaucer and wear him! It's so much easier.

Wearing my babies has allowed me to keep on doing the things I like to do and have baby close to me. Baby wearing makes tending to older children much easier. Baby wearing helps create a bond between mother and baby. It has helped me learn my baby's earliest hunger cues and helped me meet their needs where ever we might be.

I love to use slings for nursing in public as most people never have any idea that is what I'm doing! I love having my hands free to help the big kids. Traveling in airports is much easier with baby in a carrier. I've nursed and pushed grocery carts while wearing baby, gone on hikes, in the ocean, on planes, trains, in buses, pools, everywhere!

My favorite carrier is the ring sling. I find it the most versatile. But as my youngest is now getting bigger and heavier I am loving my mei tie more and more. I also have a pouch, a wrap and a back pack that I have used for many different things. It doesn't matter what kind of carrier you use, just please use one!

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Rachel Ellis said...

Not to mention that you look so great with your wee accessory. You have fabulous taste in slings and carriers. ;)

Amy said...

I agree with you about seeing other moms carrying their babies around in car seats--plus, it doesn't look very comfortable for mama to lug those things around, either! Great post.

Lexi said...

We first tried to lug around the car seat... that lasted like a month. Those things are freakin heavy!

Melodie said...

I agree that our babies need to held more. It breaks my heart to see kids being ignored when they are so little and needing their parent to pick them up. I realized early on that a sling was much easier and better for everyone involved. I used to be worried my baby would wake up if I took her out of her car seat when we went into stores, but if she did she soon fell back to sleep snuggled into me.