Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Reservations

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Having my first child at a young age has had lots of advantages. One of the greatest is that I had no expectations of what having a baby, nursing or the years to come would be like. I didn't have peers with kids, so I made up the rules myself. I had no idea that there was any stigma associated with nursing in public.

went to a La Leche League meeting during my pregnancy. I continued to go to meetings after my son, Kurtis, was born. This I feel was my greatest advantage to feeling comfortable nursing anywhere. Placing myself in the company of others who wholly supported my parenting style was key. I remember very clearly my first nursing in public experience. Kurtis was only one week old and I attended an LLL meeting. Of course, I nursed him there, but that hardly seemed like "nursing in public" as it was a breastfeeding support group. The real test was when I was invited to lunch after the meeting to a local restaurant. There I sat at a table with all the ladies trying to latch on my tiny nursling with milk spraying everywhere. The great thing was that I wasn't phased because neither was anyone I was with. It was the norm for this group of ladies and so it was the norm for me.

I wish every mother could start off breastfeeding with such a positive nursing support group. Without judgment I had no fear and without fear, I had no reservations. Only later in life was I to learn that not everyone nursed in public so freely. Now here I am nearly fourteen years later with a third nursling and I still nurse everywhere. I have nursed in planes, on trains, in public pools, weddings, libraries, schools, restaurants, theaters, parks, grocery stores, you name it. I find with the confidence I gained so long ago I am able to nurse anywhere and most people don't even notice.

If I could say one thing to a new mom about nursing in public it would be surround yourself with other nursing moms so you too can gain the confidence to meet the needs of your baby where ever you may be!

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BoobiesNBabies said...

Great Idea! I still have not gone to a LLL meeting or breastfeeding support group. But it really would have been helpful to have people around me that didn't question my choice to breastfeed.

Family of 5 said...

I love love love my LLL friends!

Anonymous said...

The first place I nursed in public without a cover was LLL. I was amazed that no one even noticed. It definitely helped me when I was trying to lose the cover everywhere.