Friday, July 20, 2012

Sandy City 5K

Kurtis' cross country team was set to run the Sandy City 5K on 4th of July and I had been toying with signing up the family, so I went ahead and did.  Even the girls!
Ready for race day!
Before the race.

 My running buddy, Katherine, decided to make this her first race ever and finished strong in 30 minutes exactly!  Way to go Katherine!
 The family, minus Kurtis who was off running a one mile warm up with his team before the race.  This was Jeff's first race.  I was so happy that he agreed to do it with us.  

 Ready, set, RACE!

 Both girls ran all the way to the one mile mark, with only a few walk breaks!
Then, Jeff pushed the girls on and off for the next mile or so.  Lila took these from the stroller.

The girls ran the last half mile or so with us to the finish line.  It was fun, but everyone was very tired afterward!  We went home and had movie time.  Kurtis, despite a cough and three weeks of not running finished just before Katherine, also at 30 minutes even.  

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Timbra said...

what a cute little running family. . . so ambitious on a holiday :)