Sunday, July 1, 2012

Off to Provo we go

Jeff has been working at the BYU football stadium in Provo.  I had never been to Provo and since he has been working Saturdays I decided to take the girls to meet him for lunch and see where he is working.  

Here is the job site.

 Giant structures to hold jumbo screens. These are the structures that Jeff is inspecting.

 Lila spotted this birds egg.

While waiting for Jeff to finish up some paperwork, we played in the grass out front.

Lila took this one of me.
Then to lunch for burgers.

After lunch we headed to the farmer's market where there was actually no produce.  There was one booth with eggs and one with honey.  Other than that it was "stuff."  The girls did get to play the ukulele and get their faces painted.



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Timbra said...

super fun that you got to go check out J's job site. . . sounds like a lame farmer's market, but a fun day