Friday, July 20, 2012


Jeff borrowed a tiller from a friend and tilled up the dirt along side the chicken coop.  Then we got to work on the chicken run.  The girls LOVE playing in the mud there and their boots are now always covered in a thick layer of mud.  

Jeff and I started the run and then a few weeks later, Kurtis and I finished it.  It could still use some paint, but  at least the birds can go in it!

 Sunshine, aka Sunny
 Only Lila can tell Gary and Susan apart any more.  

 I think this one is Midnight.


The chickens love their run and they are super funny and friendly.  The girls love to go in and pet them.  Now we wait for eggs!  They should start laying around the end of September.  

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Timbra said...

we have not seen your chickens in ages!! or your completed coop! how are the girls doing?