Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ice Skating

Lila's first ice skating lesson!
 She's in the red vest.

 Alani has been taking ice skating lessons for quite a while. Another friend of Alani's, Katie, that Lila knows also started ice skating lessons this day. After the 30 minute lesson they have fifteen minutes of free skate.  All three girls spent free skate together.  Very cute.

She enjoyed it, but was disappointed that she didn't "learn anything new."  I had to explain that she needed to start with basic skills and work up from there. All in all she had a good time.

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Timbra said...

I missed these two. . .i was wondering where "more" ice skating came in, if we never had "first" ice skating. . . sometimes i think those lessons must be so boring, just building little by little, but all great skill building (and teach patience :P) . . .she's got a great head start, speedy and can stay up on her skates!