Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Show Week- Clarissa

 Ready to show off skills!  They were each to stand on a colored circle on the floor.
 Clarissa and Jamison insisted on standing on the same circle.  Silly geese!

 Always huge smiles in Little Gym.

 Meghan & Jamison

 Stopping for a nose pick is always important.

 Lila loves "helping" with Raquel!

 Routine time!  Donkey Kick, Forward Roll, and a Monkey Jump.

 So proud!
 Big Jump

 Hand Stand

 Jamison's turn

 Clarissa's little friend, Juliet.

 Big sisters waiting

 They had to jump over their teacher.

 low crawl

She can put her feet up on the bar all by herself!

 Awards time
 Must have been a bit much for Jamison.  
 Meghan and Rob 

 Lila drags Jamison back for a group picture.
 Then when Jamison won't get up, Clarissa joins him on the floor.  Too funny!

Ta Da!

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Timbra said...

LG always looks like so much fun, tumbling and twisting about. . .the whole set of pix where J lays down on the floor are so funny (i saw them on M's fb page before). . .C is a silly friend to lay down too!