Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clarissa is 4!

On her birthday morning, Lila and I woke up Clarissa with a few gifts.  

From Gramma Lois a Hello Kitty bag filled with lots of fun Hello Kitty pens, paper, barrettes, etc. 

 From Grandma Dodo and Grandpa Paul new birthday outfits complete with pink flip flops.

 From us marshmallows and bubble gum.  If you were one of the people who asked Clarissa what she wanted for her birthday you'll know her answer was always the same: marshmallows!

 From Lila fairy wings and w

 We saved the rest of the loot opening for later when Jeff and Kurtis would be home to watch and headed to the kitchen for chocolate chip pancakes with fruit and berries.

With a side of marshmallows, of course.

 Ready for the day!  Clarissa requested a trip to the aquarium so off we went.

 In the parking lot the girls discovered they had matching flip flops.

 Touching the rays



 I got the girls matching necklaces at the gift shop.

 Daddy stopped home on his lunch break.  Yay!

 Princess birthday cards are cool!  Thanks Gramma Lois!

 Stickers too.
 Clarissa and I play ponies together and eat lunch.  Pizza and Root beer floats.  Mmm

 "I'm full!  Look my tummy is fat!"

 A bit of watering and measuring play.

And then to top the cake, a carnival!  Lila's school carnival was on Clarissa's birthday.  Perfect timing!

 Dinner?  How about snow cones and cotton candy?

 My friend Jen and her daughters were there.  This is her daughter, Erin, who loves to play with the girls.

Finally more presents!  (These are all a bit fuzzy, sadly)

Hugging her present from Aunt Katie and Uncle Chris and the kids, Tangled.

 More from Aunt Katie and Uncle Chris.  The Rapunzel stuff was a big hit!

 Gnomeo and Juliet from Gramma Lois.
There were more gifts, but I also had to go catch the end of Kurtis' year end concert this same evening (that I didn't know about until after school that day! *grumble*) so the evening was a bit insane.  All in all it was a wonderful day and Clarissa had a great time!  Happy Birthday my sweet four year old!  I love you!

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Timbra said...

what a fun birthday, clarissa style. . . the marshmallows are a crack up!