Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boys Boys Boys

Kurtis has been friends with his best friend Jacob since second grade.  Those two, along with Jacob's older brother Chris, hang out together all the time.  We see them at the house, at soccer and at school on a regular basis.  The girls have known them all their lives and LOVE them!  Chris is really good with the girls and always plays with them.  This day, they stopped by and of course, the girls were all over Chris!

Nothing like a foot to the face to brighten your day!
Chris, Jacob and Lila

Nice war face, Jake.

It's great that Kurtis has such nice friends.  The Remy boys are good kids!

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Timbra said...

so nice to have good friends. . .in our world, Kurtis is so far the only one who will fit this "big brother friend" bill . . .that's kinda fun huh?! (and my girls love him)