Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Present Time

Jeff took the kids shopping for my birthday.  I've got the best family ever!

I got this awesome headlamp for running in the dark!
 The kids all picked out the pink post it note dispenser.  Lila got me the peppermint patty, Clarissa picked out the purple nail polish remover and Jeff picked the meat thermometer.  Clarissa was so cute about the polish remover.  Earlier in the day I had some blue nail polish remover out and Clarissa mentioned she got me some purple and when I told her it was a secret she quick said "No.  No we didn't.  I was just joking."  Cute sweet girl.

Thanks family!  I love you!

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Timbra said...

that is quite a haul of very useful gifts :) what fun. . . i love seeing what the kids pick out for gifts. . .for dad's day the girls got mike ice cream and stickers :)