Monday, January 24, 2011

Show Week take 2

For Clarissa's class, Beasts, they "show off" some of the things they've learned. Mostly it's class as usual with re-caps and a ribbon at the end! Jeff was able to stop by for most of class and Clarissa was so excited to have Daddy there!

warm up with walking and running on the big red mat
forward rolls, monkey jumps and donkey kicks
counting as the air track fills up

Clarissa has just learned how to jump while holding her arms up over her head!

pretending to take a nap as the air track deflates

running and jumping of the spring board

forward roll down the cheese

pull overs

balance beam

Bubble time!

Clarissa is really loving gym and calls it "mine wittle gym" or "nack-kicks" This Friday she moves up to Super Beasts! Go Clarissa!

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