Thursday, January 27, 2011

Discovery Gateway

Timbra got a membership to the children's museum that I used to take the kids to back when Lila was very little. I hadn't been since before Clarissa. She invited us to go with her and it was a blast!

There are so many fun areas to explore like the balls...








It was crowded, as usual, and very over stimulating. I think the moms got worn down by it before the kids did though! The girls weren't happy when it was time to go and only promises of returning (and a treat from Whole Foods) got us away without too much of a fuss! Thanks for having us, Timbra, Alani & Airi!

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Timbra said...

thanks for taking all of my "good angles". . . i'm wanting to be hard core this week and i hope to lose 2lbs (which would put me at 10for our 30 day challenge. . .let's not talk about mike losing like 15-17lbs!) also. . .just WAIT til i post my discovery gateway post, yours makes it look like it was actually fun :) (the COMPANY was fun, the experience NOT SO MUCH)