Sunday, January 2, 2011

Florida, Day 2: Santa and Grampa Mike Arrive

Santa came with doll houses for my girls and a pedal-free bike for Mia. Everyone got chap stick, balls, wind up toys and more! Let the fun begin!

silly putty from Santa was a huge hit!

Lila's new dangle earrings from Mom & Dad.
Jeff looking fabulous!

Dodo was down two cookers this year since Laura didn't make it and I was banned from the kitchen as to not infect everyone so Jeff jumped in and helped his Mom.
That's my niece! Dress & Vans!

a wonderful Christmas dinner, as always

Present time!

Thanks to everyone for all the fun gifts! I may or may not remember this Christmas from the fog I was in, but at least I have photographic evidence!

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Timbra said...

SO many cute pix, love mia's christmas dress and J in the glasses. . .NICE!!! hope the girls are enjoying their dollhouses!