Sunday, January 2, 2011

Never a dull moment

I got sick the week of Thanksgiving. So far, I've yet to shake it. I've had some troublesome coughing problems and am waiting to see a pulmonologist in mid-January. Things have not been "normal" with Mom sick and the morning we were scheduled to leave for Florida was no different. I woke at 2am with a fever of 104.4 and breathing trouble so we headed to the ER. They released me because, like my doctor, they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I did learn a few things, like I had (or have, not sure how long it hangs around) influenza A, a touch of bronchitis and they diagnosed me with Reactive Airway Disease (read: we don't know what's wrong with you, here is a fancy word for "you can't breathe.") Despite Jeff's strong concern, we boarded our plane for Florida just hours after our ER adventure. I decided if I was going to be sick and lay around, may as well do it with help from Grandparents!

Our trip was relaxing and I felt much better, despite the jitters from all the medicine I was on. Sadly, Laura was sick with bronchitis too and had to stay in bed on Christmas, and I missed the rest of my family in central Florida. Plus, Clarissa came down with a canker sore in her mouth and was miserable for most of the week. So, we were just a sad sick bunch. Not to mention minor sore throats and sniffles from Katie and Paul. Unfortunately I came home with a head cold, as did Kurtis. And of course, I'm still coughing. Jeff is still well and the girls just have some minor congestion. Despite everything it was nice to see everyone. My niece, Mia is just as cute as can be. Lucky for me taking pictures is easy from the couch!


Rachel Ellis said...

Gee... You poor lady! Hope you feel better soon. Cute, cute pictures though. :)

Timbra said...

oh yay for big bathtubs and can i have that huge walk in closet please? sad that you had so many sicky ickies going on during this trip (and still)