Friday, January 28, 2011

Gym and Friends

Today was the first day of the gym semester. I took Lila out of the tap/ballet/gym combo and put her back in the advanced gym class called mini flips. This class is invitation only, so right now is a very small two students, Lila and a little boy. They had a blast and Lila loved the much quieter atmosphere.

After Lila's class we headed over to friends Tracy, Kate, Connor & Aiden's for some play time fun.

Clarissa found all of Kate's lip gloss and put on as much as she possibly could! Notice the lip glass all down her shirt!

It was a great day! Hope to visit with Kate and her family again soon!

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Timbra said...

kate is a cutie! i guess i didn't know this about adv. gym. . . you told me the other day she wouldn't be in the combo class, i guess we moved onto another topic before we could finish the info on this one :) SO like us :P but GO LILA for being "invited" to adv. gym!