Thursday, September 16, 2010


I didn't realize how much we did on Wednesday until I looked through the pictures! I took Lila to school, to the van to the dealership so they could yet again replace the crappy radio, took a walk with Clarissa to see the horses and go to the park, went to the dollar store (see pink pig below) picked up Lila and had lunch, & went to little gym. And that was the first half of the day!

Clarissa wanted to stand here and watch the horses (on someone's private property) over going to the park, but the horses finally disappeared and we went to the park anyway.

This week was Robot Riot, so they all walked around like robots.

Clarissa made a friend.

hiding under the table with her friend and a box of crayons... hmmmm

Looked like Lila also made a friend!
We did actually have nap time and movie time after all that! Then clean up, play and soccer practice along with more park time.

I got Clarissa a piggy bank at the dollar store and she hasn't yet quit carrying it around. She refers to it as "piggy"
piggy went down the slide before her most of the time, but she held on to piggy a few times

Kurtis did his homework at the soccer field.

aaaand time to go home for dinner!


Timbra Wiist said...

i've read all of your posts this week, i'm not behind on that, just on commenting and my own blog and pretty much everything else in life :)

Timbra Wiist said...

what an active little fam you've got there. . . got to stay out and about and busy or you'll go nutty without the hubster around! rissa's hair is SO LONG in these pix and she looks way too grown up! LOVE the tappedy tap tap pix. . . really makes me want to put alani in such things in the spring! we'll see. . . right now she's got the option of art, music or more dance and wants to do them ALL of course :)