Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tutu's in Tucson on day two

Day two consisted of more trips to the pool and a birthday party for Lila & Kurtis.

Jeff noticed this store, so I had to take a picture...
Party in our room!

everyone arrived with gifts for the kids and when Grandpa Paul arrived empty handed (his gifts had been sent to the hotel before we even arrived) Lila said "it's ok that you didn't bring a present!"
mmmm hummus

Bill snapping my picture & Abby, Lila & Tom enjoying the party
Aunt Katie & cousin Mia

Aunt Sharyn
Kurtis wanted to light all 19 candles (enough for both kids). Too bad he blew most of them out when he blew out the one he was lighting them with!

Tom & Molly got this for Lila
oooohhhhh mermaid barbie!
Clarissa got a present too!


showing off the new duds

brothers Paul, Tom & Bill
my pistol packing princess

heading out to dinner again. this time to El Coral for steak

must have been a fun party!
at the restaurant I didn't see much of my kids. I actually got to eat my whole dinner without getting up. Man, grandparents are great!

back at the ranch

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Timbra Wiist said...

some great mia and katie shots, lila is tootoo cute in that tutu. . . i know the nose pickers aren't in this post, but between the flipper offer, the nose pickers and the peeing fountain. . . you've got yourselves a pretty um. . . classy crew there :)