Friday, September 10, 2010

before the wedding

Before the wedding all of the family on both sides got together to be part of the wedding photo shoot. It was only about 100* outside so we were all melting! Makes me happy I don't wear make up or I'm certain it would've just slid right off my face! We all met in the lobby first and then walked over to a nice grassy area for the photos.

Sharyn, Josie, Lila & Andy
Molly's mom helps her with her flowers
Glowing bride & groom

the Bouyeas
Bill, Tom & Paul
Ricky enjoying the very popular massage chair
Abby is very photogenic. I got a lot of good shots of her, pretty girl!
Abby, Molly & Lauren

heading outside for the hot photo shoot!
Sharyn & Bill
Jeff & Rissa
Ricky & the guys
some got rides, but he hoofed it

Aunt Penny
Aunt Sharyn
Cousin Shawn

very pretty smile, Christy!

Chris, Katie, Josie & Mia's belly button (very classy, right?)
Cousins Matt & Meri with baby Henry who later met an agave plant that showed him who was boss, poor boy. There was a lot of blood, and even though the plant won 1-0 Henry was just fine.
gorgeous flowers!
Cousin Alan
little cousins Mia & Henry... awwww

more hugs!
Uncle Tom

Go Packers! I mean Favre. I mean Packers?

some shots with our clan

Jeff popped over at the last second, I wasn't intentionally cutting him out. Just in case you wondered.


after the photos we retreated to the air conditioning before heading back outside for the wedding.

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