Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Wedding

On Saturday we actually did a lot of things before the wedding, so this is out of order. I really wanted to go through these because it was such a nice wedding. Anyway, later will come pedicures, lunch and family photo shoots!

On the way. Clarissa insisted on bringing this purse!

the bride & groom

cousin Meri & I had a shoot out

The ceremony begins

you may kiss the bride!

just because it's an open bar doesn't mean you have to binge Katie! ONLY KIDDING! She was delivering drinks!

time for cake!

It was a lovely wedding. The kids did really great and we headed to bed before anyone was "too" tired so that it ended on a happy note. I'm very happy to have Molly as part of the family. She is a very cool lady. Congrats Tom & Molly!

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Timbra Wiist said...

awesome cake, lots and lots of gorgeous photos. . . i think you mean a shoot out. . shooting up is something totally different, it goes with binge drinking, flipping off, honking horns, picking noses and peeing fountains :) and rissa is looking more and more like jeff all the time (their hair is almost the same length these days too :)