Monday, September 13, 2010

Lila's Royal Birthday Ball

Lila's party was a blast! Very princess everything. I was very busy and didn't take nearly as many photos as usual. Fortunately I have good friends with cameras! Here are the photos I snapped.

Here Lila is ready for the party to start.
King Paul
how could it be a royal ball without yummy smelling candles?
The princes and princesses take the fun out back

time for cake!

present time!

party kids!

Timbra and I always like to have a little fun ;)
Sorry T, but this one is TOTALLY evil stepmother!

thanks to Denise here are a few more photos!
birthday bean bag toss borrowed from the Wiist family (thanks!)

Kurtis wore his purple shirt, but that's as far as he'd take the dress up.
Lila said she was Sleeping Beauty & I was Meriweather.

Thanks to everyone who came and made the party great! More pictures to come as soon as I see a certain someone ;)

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