Friday, May 11, 2012

Play Date Day

Lila's classmate, Liz, called asking Lila to come over for a play date.  I've met Liz's mom, Elisha, lots of times and we actually have some in common.  She and I share the same midwife and she also delivered her youngest at home.  All of us girls headed over to play.  Liz has a little brother, AJ, who is Clarissa's age and a baby sister who I cannot remember her name.  

The kids all played well together and Elisha and I enjoyed chatting.

 Back at home later Clarissa said she wanted to take a picture of me and instructed me to make this face.  Silly bean!
 Clarissa and Ozzy, both growing oh so fast.

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Timbra said...

making new friends and strange faces, doesn't it feel like a small world when you can live down the street from someone who has the same midwife as you, especially when said midwife only births with THIRTY SIX women in the SLC valley/year!!! (at most!)