Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bye Bye Birdies

This day we went to see the baby birds and they fledged right when we got there.  We actually got to see all three of them leave the nest!  It was AWESOME!  Here they are, still in the nest.

 The first two jump at the same time.  One goes straight over the fence to our yard and the first lands in the grass near Clarissa and when she moved closer he hopped through the fence!

Last baby by himself.

 Our neighbor, Nancy, watching the last baby climb out of the nest and nearly get stuck in the ladder.

Baby bird jumped!

 There he is!

 Mama bird was a little freaked out by our presence. Poor girl!
 Baby took up residence under their car.  

Finally he came out once we went home and Nancy was able to convince him to get back in the back yard with his mama.  What an amazing experience.  Once in a lifetime!

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Timbra said...

that is super cool that you were there at the exact right moment. . .it's sort of like when we were at the monterey aquarium last year and we saw this little video of a seahorse shooting babies out, then turned a corner, looked in one of the displays and saw a male seahorse spurting babies out right in front of us. . .those moments are amazing and unforgettable!