Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alani on Ice

Alani has been taking ice skating lessons for a while now.  The night of the LLL workshop was her second performance.  I took the girls and we had a good time.  Clarissa was better than I had expected after her earlier performance.  Alani did very well and and entire show was very nice.  

 Waiting for the show to start.

 Clarissa was captivated at first.

 Here comes Alani!

 Alani is the 3rd from the left.

 The last performance included all the skaters.

 Here she comes with a big helper.

 A little rock hopping fun!

Way to go Alani!

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Timbra said...

it SEEMS like i was really far behind, but i've ready every post along the way. . . this is the post that i'm about to put up on my own blog, so you can see how far behind i am at WRITING my own stuff :) thanks for being there.. .it means a lot to us to have friends who are part of such fun celebrations of hard work.