Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life is Good

Gotta love a house guest that is thrilled when you suggest a 6am trail run!  Paul joined Kurtis, Katherine and I on my new favorite trail run.  Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Hidden Valley Park south.

 The flash came on, wow that shirt is reflective!

 My trail running girl, Katherine.

 Grandpa and Grandson
 And Katherine too!  Ok, notice that piece of paper hanging from the bridge near Kurtis' right hand?  It was a photo taken by a wildlife cam of a mountain lion standing in that exact spot!  Yikes!  Better run fast kids!

 See, I was there!
 Katherine's new kicks.

 See that orange speck?  That's Kurtis leaving us in the dust.
 Katherine and I chugging along uphill.

 Dead lizzard
 There he is again.  We will catch up!

 He is really about half a foot taller than me.  I'm standing on a rock!
It was a beautiful morning and we covered about 7 miles, although we were on our feet for over an hour and a half.  I love that trail!  And those people!

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Timbra said...

nice shirt K. . . looks like a nice time for you guys. . .some day, some day. . .right now. . .still can't get in more than 2 days of the second week of "running". . .gah! i should really become committed!