Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wisconsin! Day 1

We actually arrived the night before, but I hadn't taken any photos since it was late when we got in. We all slept well after a fairly uneventful trip (as uneventful as a trip can be with 3 kids in tow!)

Good morning Uncle Jim!

Time to go to the big house!

Beach time!

Johnathan jumps...
Then Ella...

There goes Lila off the raft!
Tom and Kurtis stay indoors and play dominoes.

Time to fish!

Clarissa caught more fish than a lot of people!

Cousins, Mia and Clarissa. Clarissa is one year and one month older than Mia. Too bad Mia is so short! :P

Good night up at the big house.

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Timbra said...

hooray for family. could the cousins looks any LESS alike :) and do-rags. . .they totally rock and your girls look so cute in them!