Monday, August 8, 2011

1300+ miles

After a good night's sleep and a few paper cups of cereal Timbra and I took all the girls to the hotel pool.
Lila has had a recent growth spurt and is a fair bit taller than Alani at the moment.
Notice Clarissa and Airi are holding hands <3
Yay! No car, pool!

I love hanging out with Timbra. She is so fun and not afraid to be goofy (just like me!)

Looking good Timbra. Looking good.

After the pool we hit the road. About Wendover we were getting pretty tired of being in the car so we hit up the grocery store for cheap toys, potato chips and juices! Then, we saw the shaved ice! Yes! Shaved ice was a bonus. That kept the kids happy for at least 15 minutes. HA!

Classy, as usual, I had to get this (somewhat illegal) picture of the kids messing around by the slot machines.

Back on the road...
another scorcher! 103*!
Notice how full my van is? Timbra and I both (more her, if we're pointing fingers) brought home more than we left with.

By the time we hit Salt Lake City we lost a couple...

It was a blast of a car trip and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Timbra and I decided we must have true friendship to tackle over 1300 miles in a car together with four kids under six and still like each other!

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Timbra said...

what do you mean i don't mind acting goofy, i see ONLY serious women here! ha ha. . . totally funny pix of me. thanks for plastering them up for all to see. . . . lucky to have you in my life too!