Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Storm Mountain

I have spent most of my mountain days up Little Cottonwood Canyon. This day we went to a beautiful place up Big Cottonwood Canyon called Storm Mountain. Just beautiful! The boys brought their rock crawlers and we had a picnic lunch. A very beautiful day in the Wasatch!

After a severe warning from Mom about the dangers of this water, Lila was slightly hesitant to stand in front of the raging waterfall for a picture. Clarissa, not so much.

I love this angry face that Lila reserves for "mad at my sister" moments.

Silly girls!

Clarissa has now entered the phase of "posing." I'm not complaining!

I'm pretty sure she was screaming at me to stop taking pictures...

I guess I should venture up more canyons!

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Timbra said...

I heart storm mountain, i've done photo shoots there twice but never taken my own fam. . . . there are so many accessible places nearby, but i feel like i never get to them during the seasons when i wish i would. . .maybe some fall trips are in order