Saturday, August 27, 2011

We love Rainbo!

The weather in Wisconsin this year was outstanding! We spent much of our time fishing, boating and swimming, as it should be!

Grandpa looking buff at the swing set.Katie looking pregnant (because she is!) and Mia.

Kate is a blast!

Water gun fight!!!!!!!

Caroline looking sassy as usual.

Sweet Matthew
Mary getting a ride in a kayak.

Lila rescuing her sister who got too far out and couldn't flip over!

Water play all day = tired kids!

Dodo, Noni & Lynnie

Betsy, Keith and their pooch.
First tube ride of the year for Lila.

Mia fell asleep on the boat.

My turn to go with Clarissa!
First tube ride for cousins Mia and Clarissa.

Coming back in. Clarissa loved it, Mia was scared though :(
Carrie and Ali
We love Rainbo!


Rachel Ellis said...

Awesome trip and great pictures! I totally would like to hitch a ride on your next road trip. :)

Timbra said...

so much fun. . . cracking me up, all the kids just passing out wherever they can :) and lila rescuing clarissa CLASSIC!