Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Butte Garden

Kurtis had a summer biology project that required gathering leaves and lots of information on them, so what better place? Jacob also had the same summer homework, so he and his brother Chris came along. It was a beautiful day!

Notice the bee in the middle.

See the bee?

more bees

Like mother, like son. Oh dear, what have I done?

And, as usual, Clarissa found a friend.

Thanks to Chris, I got to be in a picture too!

Such a beautiful place! I'm ready to go back again.


Timbra said...

okay, i've said it before, but your "stills" are just striking and gorgeous. . . that's definitely your niche. gorgeous. also. . .fun times. we've not been to red butte since may and again, another place that i just haven't gotten to all summer, i think i'll take the in laws here too, our membership expires at the end of this month, LOVED garden after dark last year, wondering if i should renew

Renee said...

thank you thank you thank you!!!