Friday, July 29, 2011

You can do it!

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Being a La Leche League leader I help moms breastfeed on a regular basis. I hope that by just breastfeeding in what I consider a normal fashion I will influence moms to breastfeed. By nursing my babies in the open for others to see I hope to make breastfeeding an ordinary sight and encourage other mothers to do the same.

I have been touched by many women who have made it through rough breastfeeding experiences, but none touched me so much as that of an on line friend. When I was pregnant with my third child, Clarissa, and was involved in an online mothering forum I was contacted by one mother who had just had triplets. She was struggling and persevered like a champion! A year later after she had nursed them all for a year (I am still so proud of her!) she thanked me and that meant the world to me! I was very proud to have been a small part of the reason she continued to breastfeed her babies for so long.

I hope other mothers will also be influenced by me, even if it's only from the friendly smile I give moms who are nursing their babies in public. Just remember breastfeeding is normal and with the right information and support* YOU CAN DO IT!

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Astrid said...

Oh you hush...I'm sitting here like a big baby & crying. And so that everyone knows, I breastfed & pumped through 13 months w/ 2 of my triplets & my boy went all the way to 20 months. I only wish he would have gone longer & cried a million tears knowing I would never breastfeed again. It was worth EVERY struggle. And I will thank you again & again. You helped me through it all.