Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take it all off!

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Nursing in public. A sore topic among many. I am so completely and utterly baffled by this, I can not begin to explain my shock that someone would fine feeding one's own baby in public offensive. "Urination is a bodily function, but you can't just go around peeing wherever you'd like." To this statement I say "Eating is a natural function (as are breathing and blinking) and you certainly do that in public." Not to mention that people chewing their food is much more disgusting to look at than a child nursing! Why can we not tell the difference between defecating and breastfeeding in public one might ask? Well, usually toilets are not thought of as sexual objects, but breasts sure are. I bet you a hundred bucks that whoever said the above statement (I actually read that comment in the comments section of a blog posts once!) wouldn't bat an eye at a half naked woman on a Budweiser billboard. Do I think more women need to nurse in public? Hell yeah! Take off your whole top honey! Do whatever you need to do to feed your baby, because that is who is important! Plus, the more women see other women breastfeeding, the more likely they are to succeed at breastfeeding themselves. Enough said.
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