Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pink Princesses vs. Purple Princesses!

That's right. Lila's soccer team The Pink Princesses played their very first game today against The Purple Princesses! Lila had a great time and did a very impressive job for her first time ever playing soccer. Go Lila go! (She is #4)

warm up before the game with her team

Clarissa watches and enjoys a snack
big brother's turn to watch for a change!

let the game begin!

Lila takes control of the ball!
Lila sat out one quarter and watched her team
Half time snacks
coach Liz explaining that they would be aiming for the opposite goal in the second half


Lila stumbled and fell
then got right back up again!

cheering for the Purple Princesses

Good game!

Good job Lila & the Pink Princesses! Final score Pink Princesses 1 Purple Princesses (not sure but about 4)

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Timbra Wiist said...

okay, the cuteness is slaying me, and the girls in their knee high socks and their shorts that go to their shins cracks me up. . . are the girls on the purple princess team like ten? they are so tall!