Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Gym

Today at gymnastics parents and siblings got to go in and watch and play games with the kids. Luckily Jeff got to come too, so Clarissa, Jeff and I got to enjoy hanging out in Lila's Mini Flips class!

Clarissa loves going in!
Backwards over the big circle

Daddy watches
it's time to sit in a circle today, circle today, circle today...
run! run! run!

hand stands
"Daddy! I see you!"
watching Lila

more games!

Lila is now able to do hand stands, cart wheels and backwards rolls. She loves gymnastics & do do I!

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Timbra Wiist said...

good times that everyone got to go and enjoy!!! alani is so funny, whenever she sees an upside down person/thing she thinks the page is upside, i'm PRETTY sure she was trying to get me to turn the monitor over b/c of that upside down pic. . . she is so cute doing her gymnastics! I loved it at her age too :)